WHO is Revising Guidelines for the Treatment of Malaria, Invites End-User Comments

February 11, 2014

The WHO Global Malaria Program is in the process of revising and updating the second edition of the Guidelines for the Treatment of Malaria. The results of this end-user questionnaire (use the following log-in and password: username: malaria; password: malaria) will feed into an ongoing review process and help to improve the content and structure of the upcoming third edition, due for publication in mid-2014.

The main objective of this rapid survey is to learn more about the day-to-day experience of end-users -- particularly policy-makers in ministries of health, public health and policy specialists as well as health professionals, clinicians and managers of health services in endemic countries -- and to assess their satisfaction regarding the documents comprehensiveness and suitability for their needs. In particular, it seeks input and specific suggestions regarding its format, presentation, content, accessibility and overall user-friendliness.

The survey closing date is Friday, Feb. 14,  2014.

Source: WHO