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Q&A: Reopening After COVID-19: Proceed With Caution

May 28, 2020

Kevin Kavangh, MD: “What worries me the most about reopening is that people going to say, ‘Oh, it’s over with’ and not do any sort of protection, whether it’s social distancing, wearing masks, not gathering in crowds. I really think that people will think, ‘Well, we got this beat.’”

Q&A: How COVID-19 Might Affect Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs

May 25, 2020

Katherine Perez, PharmD: “For patients with COVID-19, I think the jury’s still out as to how we should be using antibiotics in those patients and what the risk of a secondary bacterial infection truly is. And that type of information has not been made available, at least not in huge amounts at this time.”

Q&A: Design Hospitals to Best Fight Infections Like COVID-19

May 22, 2020

Jeffrey Rose: “I think the desire to break apart some of the functionality of the hospital and spread it out into other facilities—like oncology centers or ambulatory surgery centers—to reduce the large population at one building, is going to continue to grow. And in addition, if you design them correctly, you can use those facilities for surge capacity.”

Q&A: COVID-19 Lets Telemedicine Prove Itself

May 19, 2020

Daniel F. Shay, Esq.: “COVID-19 is not the last infectious disease that we’re going to encounter…. I think that there are good reasons to use telemedicine to the extent that you can reduce the risk to healthcare practitioners, healthcare professionals, and also to other patients, and, frankly, the general populace.”