How to Load a Medical Automatic Washer

May 19, 2008

With the increase of complicated medical devices, central service departments (CSDs) face challenges like this one posted on a CSD chat room: “Is it acceptable to wash instrument sets through the washer in the rigid containers with the li

Providing Safe Surgical Instruments: Factors to Consider

April 1, 2008

There are many steps involved with the preparation of sterile surgical instruments. All of these steps must be performed correctly to ensure a safe product for the patient. When shortcuts are taken, a failure in the process can result.

Raven Labs Introduces ProTest BI Test Pack

March 20, 2008

Raven Labs, a biological indicator manufacturer since 1949, introduces ProTest BI Test Pack, a pre-assembled Process Challenge Device (PCD) with an Instant Readout Integrator which can be used to immediately release nonimplant loads and f