How to Load a Medical Automatic Washer

May 19, 2008

With the increase of complicated medical devices, central service departments (CSDs) face challenges like this one posted on a CSD chat room: “Is it acceptable to wash instrument sets through the washer in the rigid containers with the li

CS Certification ... a Must for Everyone

April 16, 2008

Did you know that hairdressers must pass a state exam to become a certified beautician? What about respiratory therapists or dental hygienists? Aren’t surgical techs in the operating room (OR) certified, as are some OR nurses?

Creating a Unified Voice for the CS/SP Community

April 16, 2008

In February, the merger between the American Society for Healthcare Central Service Professionals (ASHCSP) and the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM) was finalized.


November 7, 2006


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