Year in Review: Pathogens

<p style="LINE-HEIGHT: normal; MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; mso-pagination: none; mso-layout-grid-align: none" class="MsoNormal"> <span style="FONT-FAMILY: 'Arial','sans-serif'; FONT-SIZE: 10pt">With 2010 coming to a close quickly, ICT presents the top news items and articles of 2010 relating to pathogens, ranked in order of popularity based on Web clicks by ICT readers.</span> </p>

1. MRSA Carriage Rates Vary Widely in Nursing Homes, Study Finds


2. Knowledge Gaps, Fears Common Among Parents of Children with Drug-Resistant Bacteria


3. UCI Awarded $10 Million to Study MRSA Prevention Strategies


4. Emerging Infectious Diseases Pose Current and Future Challenges


5. Minimize Hospital Waiting Times to Avoid Airborne Transmission of Infection


6. Rates of Healthcare-Associated MRSA Infections Decreasing


7. CDI May Be a Regional Challenge


8. How Bacteria Get from Catheter to Patient


9. Influenza Virus Strains Show Increasing Drug Resistance and Ability to Spread


10. Bacteria Seek to Topple the Egg as Top Flu Vaccine Tool


11. NDM-1: An Update


12. MRSA's Evolving Epidemiology


13. Community Hospital Network Leverages Best Practices to Fight Spread of Clostridium difficile


14. Steel and Glass Surfaces Among the Environmental Factors That Help Avian Flu Virus Survive


15. Study Suggests Home Humidifiers May Play a Role in Reducing Survival of Airborne Flu Virus


16. ICU Patients Colonized with Resistant Acinetobacter Should Have Early Removal of Invasive Devices


17. Researchers Discover Ease of Acinetobacter Transmission Via PPE, Unwashed Hands


18. Clostridium difficile: The Newest Superbug Beats Out MRSA


19. Daily Bleach Cleaning Reduces VRE Bacteremia Rates


20. Who is at Risk for MRSA?

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