Infection Control Today: Product Locator

January 1, 2006

Value Engineering Alliance

The PIATI_STI facilitates
the identification and tracking of surgical tools and instruments, and reads
ECC200 Data Matrix codes laser-marked on medical and dental tools and
instruments in accordance with HIBCC specifications. The PIATI_STI is housed in
a compact, IP54 protection class, anodized aluminum enclosure. A conventional
15-pin connector allows images, system status, and decoding results to be
displayed on standard analog VGA monitors. The decoding results are sent
directly to PCs or electronic data processing systems via an RS-232 serial
communications interface.

(877) 270-4410


is a high-density robotic
warehouse for automated storage of bar-coded unit doses. The DrugNest
automatically receives unit dose packages from the PillPicker and loads them
onto storage pins. Up to 10 doses can be stored on each pin, providing capacity
of up to 44,400 unit doses. The DrugNest has two independent robots, one at each
end, and can store and dispense simultaneously. DrugNest can also pick first
doses or stats without interrupting cart fill dispensing. Medications returned from the nursing units can be
automatically restocked into the DrugNest and credited to the patient account.

(800) 764-0300


EndoCheck is a miniature
chemistry kit that is simple to use and interpret for checking the cleanliness
of the biopsy channel of the flexible endoscope. By a simple swab of the biopsy
channel, the activating agent will tell you in 20 seconds by color change if
blood residue remains in the channel. The test can track as little as 0.1mg of
residual blood.

(800) 521-6224

Sandel Medical Industries, LLC

The Correct Specimen Zone helps
organize, identify, and label specimens in the sterile field by providing a
prenumbered, perforated pad with left or right indicators and numbers or letters
for accurate specimen identification. The Correct Specimen Zone includes the
Sandel 4 in 1 Marker with the Time Out® sleeve, six blank labels, and is
available in a four- or 12-count pad.

(866) 764-3327

Venetec International

StatLock IV Premium replaces tape
securement in securing peripheral IV catheters and is specially configured to
secure the luer-lock of IV extension sets by Hospira, Inc. and selected other
manufacturers. The new device features a refined, more intuitive design,
including an over-the-top, snap-fit retainer. Published, peer-reviewed clinical
studies have shown StatLock products improve catheter dwell times and reduce
unscheduled IV catheter restarts by more than 70 percent.

(800) 833-3895

GOJO Industries Inc.

Purell® Instant Hand Sanitizer with
Dermaglycerin System is a breakthrough hand sanitizer formula that combines
the broad spectrum efficacy of Purell with high-performance moisturizing. The
product is clinically proven to improve skin condition in 14 days, is
hypoallergenic, and meets CDC guidelines and JCAHO compliance standards.
Available in three sizes. The Purell Personal Gear Retractable Clip attaches
easily to clothing and holds a 2- ounce pump or squeeze bottle of Purell,
ensuring that hand antiseptic is always within reach.

(800) 321-9647

Health Care Logistics Inc.

The Isolation Door Caddie makes
access to infection control items quick, convenient, and reliable. By simply
hanging on a patients door, the Isolation Door Caddie encourages improved
isolation practices by keeping critical infection control supplies instantly
accessible inside its three pockets. Made of almond-colored vinyl encapsulated
polyester mesh, the caddie provides the perfect space to store one box of
gloves, masks, gowns, waste bags, hand sanitizers, and more. Important
instructions and signage can be prominently displayed in the clear window to
draw attention to special conditions and requirements. The caddie hangs from two
metal hangers, which adequately hold the weight of the caddie contents and
allows doors to securely close.

(800) 848-1633