National Quality Colloquium Offers Patient Safety Training

July 19, 2010

The Ninth National Quality Colloquium is a hybrid conference and Internet event on patient safety, healthcare quality enhancement and medical errors reduction for healthcare executives, clinicians and patient-care staff.

The event will be held onsite at Harvard University's Annenberg Hall and Faculty Club, as well as online in your office or home live via the Internet, August 16-19, 2010 at Colloquium Hotels: The Inn at Harvard and Harvard Square Hotel, in Cambridge, Mass.

The award-winning film, "The Story of Lewis Blackman" will be shown as part of the day-long preconference Patient Safety Certificate Program training session on Monday, Aug. 16. The film chronicles the tragic set of medical errors and miscommunication that led to the death of an otherwise healthy 15-year-old who entered the hospital for what was believed to be a low-risk medical procedure. The film won the 2009 Aegis Award, a worldwide film industry honor given to the very best film and video productions of the year, earning the top score among all 2,109 entries from the judging panel of industry peers. The film was also awarded a 2010 Silver Telly Award, the highest honor given in film production. It is the first in a multi-part educational series titled "The Faces of Medical Error...From Tears to Transparency" produced by Transparent Learning, Inc. The film will be shown at the end of the day on Monday and is available to all onsite Quality Colloquium registrants; it will not be part of the online Internet feed.

For Summit registration information, visit, or send an e-mail to:, or call (800) 503-7630.