Researchers Evaluate Sterilization Processes

Traoré, et al. (2013) evaluated the practice of sterilization of medical devices (MDs) and surgical textiles (STs) in two West African countries. It was a prospective descriptive study conducted over a four-month period in seven hospitals in Mali and Senegal. Data were collected through interviews with supervisors of central sterilization units (CSUs) and by direct observation of sterilization practices. They were entered and analyzed using Epi-info and compared to standard.

These evaluations have found that 1/7 of CSU was connected to the hospital pharmacy. Deficiencies areas were observed in 6 out of 7 CSUs. Recommended products for precleaning and disinfection were only available in 3 out of 7 CSUs. Secondary packaging of MDs and STs was performed only in 2/7 of the CSUs. The researchers found that quality assurance (QA) system doesnt exist; staff of 6 out of 7 CSUs had never received training in sterilization practices.

The deficiencies identified led to recommendations for a better treatment of MDs and STs in order to strengthen CSUs and contribute to improving the quality of care and patient safety in both countries.

Reference: Traoré AT, Thioune O, Bengaly L, B Ndiaye B,  Dieye AM, Gabriel Touré CHU, Bamako M. Process evaluation of the sterilization of medical devices and surgical textiles in seven hospitals in Mali and Senegal. Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control 2013, 2(Suppl 1):P394.

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