Reducing the Risk of Infection with Disposable EEG Electrodes

January 23, 2019

Recent studies and reports continue to shed light on the topic of Reusable EEG Electrodes and justification to transition to single patient Disposable EEG Electrodes. EEG application typically includes preparation of the skin by use of a cotton tip applicator with an agent to prep or abrade the skin to assist with higher quality recordings. By performing this “prepping” action, the surface electrode becomes a semi-critical itemwhich mandates a specific process for cleaning and disinfecting the reusable electrode after each use. The definition of a semi-critical item is part of the Spaulding classification system, which is used by the CDC and was developed by Earle Spaulding in 1968. Spaulding's classification categorizes medical devices into three categories which can assist the clinician in determining which devices should be cleaned, disinfected and or sterilized prior to use in patient care. The three category classifications are (1) critical (2) semi-critical and (3) non-critical. The Spaulding system encompasses all types of supplies and equipment. Recent reports show electrodes identified as disinfected to the standards of intermittent to high level disinfecting have tested positively for bacterial cultures and thus continues to raise the question of why all electrodes are not single patient disposable. In addition, reports “The hospital reduces the risk of infections associated with medical equipment, devices and supplies” — is cited as “not complaint” 72 percent of the time in 2017.

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