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2013 Year in Review: Hand Hygiene

December 30, 2013

In case you missed any headlines this year, we offer you our Year in Review for the topic of hand hygiene.

FDA Issues Proposed Rule to Determine Safety and Effectiveness of Antibacterial Soaps

Survey of EMS Personnel Reveals Lackluster Hand Hygiene Practices

2013 Partnership in Prevention Award Winner is Announced

CDC's Safe Healthcare Blog Emphasizes That Good Infection Prevention Habits Don't Just Happen

Researchers Evaluate Efficacy of Several Aggressive Chemistries for Reduction of C. diff Spores

Researchers Assess the Optimal Location for Alcohol-based Handrub Dispensers in ICU Patient Rooms

RI Hospital Study Measures Impact of Education, Information on Hand Hygiene Compliance

Researchers Observe Low Levels of Hand Hygiene Compliance in Pediatric Hospitals

Decontaminating the Sanitizer Dispenser Reduces Operating Room Contamination Significantly

Researchers Test Influence of Volume on Hand Coverage and Bactericidal Efficacy in Hand Disinfection

Ethics, Accountability Must Drive Healthcare Workers' Handwashing Behavior

WHO Hand Hygiene Strategy is Feasible and Sustainable for Healthcare Settings Around the World

Improper Use of Gloves, Frequent Room Entry or Exit Contribute to Poor Hand Hygiene Compliance

Infection Preventionists Invaluable to Improving Hand Hygiene Rates and Decreasing HAIs

Researchers Explore HCW Hand Hygiene Compliance Before an Aseptic Task

Investigators Study Hand Hygiene in the ED

MRSA, C. diff Hotspots Exist in Patient Rooms

Researchers Examine HCW Ring Wearing and Potential for HAI Transmission

Study Looks at Implementing Patient Participation in Hand Hygiene

Researchers Test Volume of Alcohol-Based Handrubs Needed to Fulfill Efficacy Standards

Researchers Examine Means of Evaluating Efficacy of HH Products Under Practical-Use Conditions

Eliminating Mandatory Glove Use in Contact with Isolated Patients Increases Hand Hygiene Compliance

Understanding of Glove-Use Behavior Required to Design Interventions to Reduce Misuse and Overuse

Hand Hygiene Compliance Not Impacted by Workload, Researchers Discover

Researchers Test Implementation of WHO Hand Hygiene Improvement Strategy in Critical Care Units