• T-Bet Protein Tackles Hepatitis
    A single protein may tip the balance between ridding the body of a dangerous virus and enduring life-long chronic infection, according to a report appearing in the Journal of Experimental Medicine. ...More
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  • Scientists Discover Protein Secrets of Ebola Virus
    The current Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa, which has claimed more than 2,000 lives, has highlighted the need for a deeper understanding of the molecular biology of the virus that could be critical in the development of vaccines or antiviral drugs to treat or prevent ...More
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  • New Insights in Survival Strategies of Bacteria
    Bacteria are particularly ingenious when it comes to survival strategies. They often create a biofilm to protect themselves from a hostile environment, for example during treatment with antibiotics. A biofilm is a bacterial community that is surrounded by a protective slime ...More
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  • Gut Bacteria Tire Out T Cells
    Leaky intestines may cripple bacteria-fighting immune cells in patients with a rare hereditary disease, according to a study by researchers in Lausanne, Switzerland. The study, published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine on Sept. 15, may explain why these patients ...More
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  • Cuban Medical Team Heading for Sierra Leone to Help Fight Ebola Outbreak
    Cuba is known the world over for its ability to train excellent doctors and nurses who can then go out to help other countries in need. Currently there are more than 50 000 Cuban-trained healthcare workers in 66 countries. Dr. Roberto Morales Ojeda, minister of public ...More
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  • Texas Releases Latest HAI Report
    The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has released its 2013 annual report describing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in Texas healthcare facilities. The report provides data reported for the following HAIs: central line-associated bloodstream ...More
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  • Blood-Cleansing Biospleen Device Developed for Sepsis Therapy
    Things can go downhill fast when a patient has sepsis, a life-threatening condition in which bacteria or fungi multiply in a patient's blood -- often too fast for antibiotics to help. A new device inspired by the human spleen and developed by a team at Harvard's Wyss ...More
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  • Woman Patents Tool to Bring Dignity and Safety to Patients
    A Rhode Island woman has patented a tool for hospital and nursing home patients that empowers them to communicate with staff, stay safer from hospital infections, and maintain a sense of normalcy. "No one likes being in the hospital," says Pat Mastors, co-founder of the ...More
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  • Public Health Officials Investigating Measles Exposure at Sea-Tac Airport
    Local public health officials are investigating a confirmed case of measles infection in a traveler who was at Sea-Tac airport during the contagious period. The traveler was likely exposed to measles outside of the United States. According to the King County Department of ...More
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