• New Hepatitis C Treatments are Cost-Effective but Only for Selected Patients
    A study led by Boston Medical Center (BMC) researchers demonstrates that while new therapies to treat hepatitis C Virus (HCV) are highly effective, they are cost-effective and provide the greatest value in specific groups of HCV-infected patients. The findings of the study, ...More
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  • Study Reveals New Information on Climate Drivers of Dengue Fever
    Researchers at Upstate Medical University, in collaboration with a team of international investigators studying dengue fever, have discovered new information on climate drivers of the disease and social risk factors that may be contributing to its spread, according to two ...More
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  • Study Debunks Common Misconception That Urine is Sterile
    Bacteria have been discovered in the bladders of healthy women, discrediting the common belief that normal urine is sterile. This finding and its implications were addressed in an editorial published by researchers from Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine ...More
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  • Scientists Establish Link Between ALS and the Body's Response to Viral Infection
    A key protein previously implicated in Lou Gehrig's disease and other neurological diseases plays an important role in the response to viral infection, according to a study led by scientists from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai published today in Nature ...More
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  • CDC Offers Targeted Assessment for Prevention (TAP) Resources
    The Targeted Assessment for Prevention (TAP) strategy is a method developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to use data for action to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). The TAP strategy is a way to identify facilities or units within a ...More
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  • Antibodies From Camels Could Protect Humans From MERS
    Antibodies from dromedary camels protected uninfected mice from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), and helped infected mice expunge the disease, according to a study published online March 18th in the Journal of Virology, a journal published by the American Society ...More
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  • Ebola Diaries: Fighting an Uphill Battle
    Dr. Rob Fowler is a Canadian critical care physician from Toronto who was recruited by the World Health Organization in August 2013 to work with the Pandemic and Epidemic Diseases clinical team. When the Ebola outbreak was confirmed in late March 2014, Fowler was part of ...More
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  • Oral Hepatitis B Vaccine Could Become a Reality
    In a new study, researchers report progress toward perfecting a radical new method of producing vaccines using genetically modified corn. The approach could lead to an oral hepatitis B vaccine that requires no refrigeration and costs less than $1 per dose to manufacture. ...More
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  • Bioplastics Show Promise in Search for Antibacterial Packaging
    Bioplastics made from protein sources such as albumin and whey have shown significant antibacterial properties, findings that could eventually lead to their use in plastics used in medical applications such as wound healing dressings, sutures, catheter tubes and drug ...More
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  • Fecal Transplants Successful in Treating C. difficile Infection
    The transplantation of fecal matter is more successful for treating Clostridium difficile infections than previously thought. The research, published in the open access journal Microbiome, reveals that healthy changes to a patient's microbiome are sustained for up to 21 ...More
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