• Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in West Africa: 3,685 Total Cases, 1,841 Total Deaths
    The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that as of Aug. 31, 2014, 3,685 (probable, confirmed and suspected) cases and 1,841 deaths have been reported in the current outbreak of Ebola virus disease by the Ministries of Health of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. In ...More
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  • Avian Influenza Virus Isolated in Harbor Seals Poses a Threat to Humans
    A study led by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital scientists found the avian influenza A H3N8 virus that killed harbor seals along the New England coast can spread through respiratory droplets and poses a threat to humans. The research appears in the current issue of the ...More
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  • International Health Systems Fund Could Have Averted Ebola Outbreak
    The Ebola crisis in West Africa could have been averted if governments and health agencies had acted on the recommendations of a 2011 World Health Organization (WHO) Commission on global health emergencies, according to a new commentary published in The Lancet. The ...More
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  • IDSA Convenes New National Stakeholder Group on Antimicrobial Resistance
    Today the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) launched the U.S. Stakeholder Forum on Antimicrobial Resistance (S-FAR) and released the Forum’s foundational principles. More than 75 national organizations, representing medical and allied health ...More
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  • Current Lyme Disease Treatment is Inadequate According to New Guideline
    Current treatments for Lyme disease, particularly chronic forms of the disease, are inadequate, according to a new treatment guideline written by a group of leading experts. Adopted by the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS) and published in the Expert ...More
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  • Latest New Mexico HAI Report is Issued
    The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) has released its 2013 annual report describing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) among patients in acute-care facilities.    The report provides aggregate data on the following HAIs: central line-associated ...More
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  • Elaine Larson Awarded New York Academy of Medicine's Clinical Practice Award
    Columbia University School of Nursing congratulates Elaine Larson, PhD, RN, FAAN, associate dean for research, on her selection by the New York Academy of Medicine as the 2014 recipient of the John Stearns Medal for Distinguished Contributions in Clinical Practice. Larson, ...More
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  • Ugandan Team Brings Ebola Experience to Liberia
    Madira Lefa, assistant physician at Kagadi Hospital in Uganda, cried when he read what was going on in Liberia, one of the three countries most seriously affected by the Ebola outbreak. Immediately he started thinking, “I have to help my colleagues”. Madira is ...More
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  • Liberia Promotes Safe Air Travel Amidst Ebola Outbreak
    “Excuse me, sir, I need to take your temperature.” These words are often overheard these days at the international airport of Monrovia, where a group of doctors and nurses from the Ministry of Health of Liberia screen passengers arriving and leaving the country ...More
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  • Environmental Services Week is Sept. 14-20, 2014
    The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) reminds clinicians that Sept. 14-20, 2014 has been designated as Environmental Services Week. It's a great time to recognize and celebrate healthcare environmental services personnel's contributions to the prevention and ...More
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