• World Health Organization Concerned About Resistant Strains of TB
    GENEVA -- The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern over the emergence of virulent drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis (TB) and is calling for measures to be strengthened and implemented to prevent the global spread of the deadly TB strains. This follows ...More
    September 5, 2006 Posted in News
  • Researchers Find Validity in 1918 Treatment for Avian Influenza
    Faculty of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU) have discovered that a treatment for the Spanish influenza pandemic may also be effective for current avian influenza patients. Navy Capt. Edward Kilbane, Army Col. Jeffrey Jackson and Navy Lt. Cmdr. ...More
    September 5, 2006 Posted in News
  • Sanofi pasteur Begins Shipments of Influenza Vaccine
    SWIFTWATER, Pa. -- Sanofi pasteur, the vaccines business of the sanofi-aventis Group, began shipping influenza vaccine (Fluzone, Influenza Virus Vaccine) to the U.S. market for the 2006-2007 season. The shipment represents the first of approximately 50 million doses planned ...More
    September 1, 2006 Posted in News
  • Solution to Bacterial Mystery Promises New Drugs
    A 25-year quest to identify the first biochemical step that many disease-causing bacteria use to build their membranes has led to a discovery that holds promise for effective, new antibiotics against these bacteria, according to investigators at St. Jude Children's Research ...More
    September 1, 2006 Posted in News
  • Bacteria Beat the Heat
    How do some microorganisms manage to exist and even thrive in surroundings ranging from Antarctica to boiling hot springs? A team of scientists from the Weizmann Institute’s Plant Sciences Department, led by professor Avigdor Scherz, has found that a switch in just two ...More
    August 31, 2006 Posted in News
  • Silence of the Amoeba
    Freedom of expression is great, but silence is golden – at least when it comes to amoebae, which are intestine-dwelling parasites that cause life-threatening dysentery in many parts of the world. Three years ago, scientists at the Weizmann Institute accidentally discovered ...More
    August 31, 2006 Posted in News
  • Teen Researcher Seeks a Better Way to Treat Tuberculosis
    In a Johns Hopkins chemical engineering lab, Britni Lonesome learned to fabricate and test polymer disks that release a medicine used to treat tuberculosis. Photo by Will Kirk/JHU While still a senior in high school, a Baltimore teenager toiled 10 hours a week in a Johns ...More
    August 31, 2006 Posted in News
  • One Big Petri Dish in the Sky
    As someone who flies on business fairly regularly, I share many Americans’ aggravation by the latest round of restrictions on liquids and gel substances imposed on air travelers. I understand and appreciate the need for these precautions, but I’m not a political pundit and ...More
    August 30, 2006 Posted in Blogs
  • Premier Purchasing Partners Signs New Agreement with J&J for Biopatch Antimicrobial Dressing
    CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Premier Purchasing Partners, LP announces a new agreement for anti-infection site management disc dressings has been signed with Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc. for the Biopatch antimicrobial dressing product. The 24-month agreement, ...More
    August 30, 2006 Posted in News
  • Pandemic Flu Plans Need More Federal Guidance, Coordination
    States require additional direction and guidance from federal health officials as well as answers to epidemiological questions to adequately develop their pandemic flu plans, according to a report conducted by researchers at RTI International. The report, which was ...More
    August 30, 2006 Posted in News