• Master of Antimalarial Resistance
    A malaria parasite gene called pfcrt, already confirmed as the culprit behind resistance to the drug chloroquine in the malaria species Plasmodium falciparum, may be responsible for resistance to several other antimalarial drugs as well, a team of researchers reports in the ...More
    September 29, 2004 Posted in News
  • National Immunization Advocate to Be Honored
    MISSOULA, Mont. -- Betty Bumpers, a nationally renowned advocate for childhood immunizations, will be honored at a reception in Missoula on Oct. 4, 2004. Bumpers is vice president of Every Child By Two, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing infant ...More
    September 28, 2004 Posted in News
  • Scientists Discover Potential New Way To Control Drug-resistant Bacteria
    Based on an improved understanding of bacteriophages -- viruses that infect bacteria--scientists reporting in the Sept. 23 issue of the journal Nature believe they have discovered a potential new way to control drug-resistant bacteria, an increasingly worrisome public ...More
    September 28, 2004 Posted in News
  • USF Microbiologists Can Detect Smallpox and Anthrax ASAP
    TAMPA, Fla. -- University of South Florida microbiologists have developed tests that can rapidly identify anthrax and smallpox. Used in the field in the event of a suspected bioterror attack, positive rapid testing could prevent disease spread while negative results could ...More
    September 28, 2004 Posted in News
  • Healthpoint Launches Accuzyme Spray, a New Pump Method of Delivery for Wound-Debridement Product
    FORT WORTH, Texas -- Healthpoint Ltd. announces  that Accuzyme (Papain, Urea) Ointment, its popular pharmaceutical product for wound debriding, is now available in a new pump-spray delivery system, Accuzyme Spray, on which a patent application is pending. ...More
    September 28, 2004 Posted in News
  • West Nile Virus Detected in Oregon Donor’s Blood
    A Jackson County blood donor is the second person in Oregon to test positive for West Nile virus, according to public health and American Red Cross officials. "The test indicates this person, who was not ill, was infected with West Nile virus," said Emilio De Bess, DVM, ...More
    September 27, 2004 Posted in News
  • Washington, D.C. Department of Health Recognizes National Adult Immunization Awareness Week, Sept. 26 through Oct. 2, 2004
    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Dr. Gregg A. Pane, acting director of the Department of Health, announced today  that the department is encouraging residents to update their immunizations in recognition of National Adult Immunization Awareness Week, Sunday, Sept. 26, through ...More
    September 27, 2004 Posted in News
  • Mass Vaccination Exercise Planned for Colorado in October
    DENVER -- One of the largest bioterrorism exercises in the state's history will be staged on Oct. 16, 2004, when public health workers in nine southeastern Colorado counties conduct a mass vaccination clinic exercise. Participating in the exercise, being held to practice ...More
    September 27, 2004 Posted in News
  • New Indiana State Food Handler Requirement to Start in January
    INDIANAPOLIS -- State health officials report that beginning Jan. 1, 2005, food establishments in Indiana will be required to have at least one certified food handler on staff who has oversight of food safety aspects of the operation. A certified food handler is not ...More
    September 27, 2004 Posted in News
  • Minnesota Health Officials Investigate Rabies Cases
    MINNEAPOLIS -- State health officials are seeking the public’s help in locating the whereabouts of four puppies, possibly exposed to rabies, that were sold between Aug. 25 and Sept. 10 from a farm near Viking, Minn. in Marshall County. The puppies came from a litter of 10 ...More
    September 27, 2004 Posted in News, PPE & Standard Precautions