• Scientists Create New Vaccine for Wildlife Rabies
    While the raccoon that raids your trash at night may look cute and mischievous, think again. Its claws can be nasty. Even worse, it might carry rabies. Now, scientists at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and at Molecular Targeting Technologies, Inc. (MTTI) in West ...More
    December 15, 2004 Posted in News
  • Low Platelet Counts Linked to Decreased Survival in HIV-infected Women
    SAN DIEGO -- HIV-positive women with low blood platelet counts face significantly higher risk of death compared to women with normal counts, according to a study presented at the 46th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology. Findings come from the Women's ...More
    December 15, 2004 Posted in News
  • Scientists First to Grow Common Cause of Food Poisoning in Lab
    Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have become the first to successfully grow a norovirus in the lab. In humans, noroviruses are a highly contagious source of diarrhea, vomiting and other stomach upset that made headlines two years ago after ...More
    December 15, 2004 Posted in News
  • Success of Experimental Herpes Vaccine Builds Momentum for Human Clinical Trials
    A new study provides evidence that a herpes vaccine developed by a Harvard Medical School researcher is a strong candidate for testing in humans. The study, published online Dec. 14 in the Journal of Virology, compared three different experimental vaccines for herpes ...More
    December 15, 2004 Posted in News
  • A New Model for Child Survival in Africa
    LOME/NEW YORK/GENEVA -- In the first nationwide campaign of its kind, Togo’s children will receive four life-saving interventions at once. The landmark campaign intends to reach one million children under five years of age with vaccines to prevent measles and polio, ...More
    December 15, 2004 Posted in News
  • First U.S. SARS Vaccine Trial Opens at NIH
    Powerful research tools that speed up vaccine development have led to the start today of human tests for a preventive vaccine against the respiratory disease SARS. The disease killed hundreds of people around the world before it was brought under control in 2003 with ...More
    December 15, 2004 Posted in News, PPE & Standard Precautions
  • Improvita's Well Kids Zone® Products Help Kids 'Lick' Flu Symptoms
    CLEVELAND -- Put the Well Kids Zone line of products on your next shopping list. The holidays are fast approaching, but along with the season of good cheer, sleigh bells and snowmen comes the season of winter colds and influenza.  Children suffer an average of six to ...More
    December 15, 2004 Posted in News
  • Primagen Receives "Notice of Allowance" for Mitox™ Patent
    AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands -- Primagen Holding B.V., a provider of molecular diagnostics tests for infectious diseases, AIDS and cancer, announced that it has received a “notice of allowance” from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the use of mitochondrial nucleic ...More
    December 15, 2004 Posted in News
  • Broad-based Vaccination of Wild Mice Could Help Reduce Lyme Disease Risk In Humans
    Vaccinating large populations of white-footed mice against the bacterium that causes Lyme disease could help reduce the risk of transmission of the disease to humans, says a study supported by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), one of the ...More
    December 15, 2004 Posted in News
  • University at Albany Researchers Link PCBs to Respiratory Diseases
    ALBANY, N.Y. -- University at Albany researchers have found a link between respiratory diseases and New York State residents who live in or near hazardous waste sites containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) and persistent pesticides. The report, published this month in ...More
    December 15, 2004 Posted in News