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  • Infant Receives Bloodless Liver Surgery
    LOS ANGELES-Jehovah's Witnesses say the Bible prevents them from receiving whole blood or blood products. This becomes a serious problem for those followers who need surgery. Doctors at Children's Hospital Los Angeles are impressed with the success of a recent bloodless ...More
    February 26, 2001 Posted in News
  • OSHA Guide Walks Healthcare Employers Through Regulations
    The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) regulates everything in a hospital from sterilization to radiation. Federal guidelines provide a plethora of information, leaving many healthcare workers confused and worried they will be fined for inadvertent ...More
    February 23, 2001 Posted in News
  • New Product Increases T-Cell Count in HIV/AIDS Patients
    CLAREMORE, OK-Ives Health Company has released a brief summary of the touted Java project. The project was a landmark AIDS study carried out by Slayton-Beedeen, MD, an immunologist and founder of the product T-Factor. Slayton-Beedeed worked with the World Health ...More
    February 23, 2001 Posted in News
  • VITEX Appoints New Member to Board of Directors
    WATERTOWN, Mass--VI Technologies (VITEX) has announced the appointment of Joseph M. Limber to its Board of Directors. Limber, currently the president and CEO of ACLARA BioSciences, Inc., has 25 years of biotechnology and pharmaceutical management experience. VITEX is a ...More
    February 22, 2001 Posted in News
  • HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis Does Not Increase Risky Behavior
    WESTPORT, CT-Some scientists and researchers worried that an HIV postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) would increase high-risk behavior among its recipients. However, the results of a new study prove otherwise. J.N. Martin, MD, of the University of California at San Francisco ...More
    February 22, 2001 Posted in News
  • New York Presbyterian Wins National Environmental Award
    NEW YORK-The Weill Cornell Medical Center of the New York Presbyterian Hosptial has been awarded for helping the environment. The hospital has been given membership to the EPA National Track Program for exceeding environmental protection requirements during the last 18 ...More
    February 22, 2001 Posted in News
  • Pokeweed Antiviral Inhibits HIV
    WESTPORT, Conn-Researchers from the Parker Hughes Institute in St. Paul, Minn, have found that pokeweed antiviral protein (PAP) inhibits HIV-1without injuring sperm or female genital tract epithelial cells. The nonspermicidal antiretroviral treatment could allow pregnancy ...More
    February 19, 2001 Posted in News
  • Canadian Doctors Struggle To Discover Congolese Woman's Disease
    HAMILTON, Canada-Health officials at Henderson General Hospital in Hamilton, Canada, are scratching their heads and readjusting their microscopes. They do not know what is making a Congolese woman sick, but they do know it isn't the Ebola virus as previously thought. The ...More
    February 16, 2001 Posted in News
  • Laughing for Good Health
    CHICAGO-A Japanese study shows laughter may really be the best medicine. In an experiment, 26 men and women with allergic skin rashes were tested for improvement in the size of their skin welts. The group that watched Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times" had smaller welts ...More
    February 14, 2001 Posted in News
  • Africans Less Likely than Americans To Develop Alzheimer's
    IBADAN, Nigeria-Living in poverty, with little variety in diet and few healthcare options available is the average life of a Nigerian. Although they may live without many of the comforts of the western world, a new study shows they are also less likely to live with ...More
    February 14, 2001 Posted in News