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  • Gates Vaccinates Asia
    SIEM REAP, Cambodia-Chan Rasmey, a 6-month-old girl, was the first child to be vaccinated in Cambodia under The Vaccine Fund, a $1.8 billion initiative to prevent illnesses in poor countries. The project is predominately funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. ...More
    August 20, 2001 Posted in News
  • Quarantine Ordered in Wisconsin E. coli Scare
    MILWAUKEE, Wisc-The Ozaukee County fairgrounds have been quarantined while officials search for the source of a recent E. coli outbreak that made 10 children sick, with two in possible kidney failure. Each of the children went to the August 1-5 fair, but health officials ...More
    August 17, 2001 Posted in News
  • CDC Warns Public of Tetanus Vaccine Shortage
    ATLANTA, Ga-Officals at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are asking physicians nationwide to delay the fourth shot of the five-dose tetanus-diphtheria vaccine because of an immediate shortage. The lack of supply comes after Wyeth Lederle stopped making ...More
    August 17, 2001 Posted in News
  • Gay Men's Health Issues Surpass AIDS
    NEW YORK-Within the last 20 years, health officials have focused the majority of their time and funding for gay health on AIDS. Advocates within the homosexual community want to see the reach of these efforts expanded now that AIDS is better understood. With powerful drug ...More
    August 16, 2001 Posted in News
  • Advocacy Group Seeks Ban on Cadaver Brain Tissue Use
    WASHINGTON, DC-The Public Citizen Health Research Group is asking officials from the Food and Drug Administration to prevent physicians from using cadaver brain tissue in surgeries. They argue this practice is responsible for transmitting the genetic form of ...More
    August 16, 2001 Posted in News
  • Pharmacist's Diluting Sends FBI Searching
    KANSAS CITY, Mo-The FBI has set up a hotline to answer questions for any person who may have received chemotherapy treatment from Courtney's Research Medical Tower Pharmacy in Kansas City. Robert R. Courtney surrendered yesterday to the FBI after it was discovered he had ...More
    August 16, 2001 Posted in News
  • Hep C May Kill More than AIDS
    ATLANTA, Ga-Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that the hepatitis C virus (HCV) will be more lethal than AIDS by 2010. The prediction comes only 12 years after the discovery of the blood-borne viral disease. Today, there are 10,000 ...More
    August 15, 2001 Posted in News
  • CDC Changes Name of Hospital Infection Program
    ATLANTA, Ga-Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have decided to change the name of the Hospital Infections Program (HIP). The program will now be known as the Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion (DHQP). The division has been reorganized ...More
    August 15, 2001 Posted in News
  • Asian Sex Trade Promotes AIDS
    HANOI, Vietnam-The sex trade in Asia is growing quickly, leaving AIDS victims in its wake. While many countries in Asia are trying desperately to educate the public about method of infection and prevention of the disease, the attitudes of people are changing and becoming ...More
    August 13, 2001 Posted in News
  • Australian Nurses Protest
    VICTORIA, Australia-Nurses are defy orders from the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) by closing public hospital beds on Friday night instead of at 8 am on Saturday. The government is saying nurses closed 400 public hospital beds in Victoria on Friday in ...More
    August 13, 2001 Posted in News