3M Introduces New Flow Control System


3M introduces a breakthrough in chemical management with its new 3M Flow Control System. Accurate, compact and simple to use, the system takes the variability out of mixing cleaning chemical solutions to help get the job done right the first time.

The 3M Flow Control System Wall Mount Dispenser holds up to four half-gallon 3M chemical concentrate bottles with 17 different high-performing 3M cleaning products available. 3M has built in flow control technology to deliver cleaning solutions with on average 60 percent more accuracy than the nearest competitive system(1) while minimizing interaction with chemicals, promoting both worker safety and efficiency.

Designed for use in hospitals, classrooms, office buildings, retail spaces and more, the 3M Flow Control features a simple two-knob design that is quick to learn and simple to operate. The wall mount system is 17 percent to 49 percent more compact(2), and offers a three-point locking system to limit chemical exposure and theft.

“The 3M Flow Control System helps maximize accuracy, simplify dispensing and minimize waste,” says John Dyer, a senior research specialist at 3M. “The system eliminates guesswork that often occurs when using concentrated cleaners, resulting in surfaces either being damaged or not properly cleaned and disinfected.”

A new 3M Flow Control System Portable Dispenser that is compatible with the wall mount system is also available. The portable dispenser combines on-the-go convenience with highly accurate dilutions. Chemical concentrates come in easy-to-handle, recyclable bottles that can be used in the wall mount dispenser or with the reusable, portable dispenser.


1. The 3M Flow Control System is on average 60 percent more accurate at diluting chemical concentrates than the nearest competitive system when tested under laboratory conditions at water pressures ranging from 20 to 120 psi.
2. The 3M™ Flow Control System is 17 to 49 percent smaller in cabinet volume than the four competitive four-bottle dispenser systems tested.

Source: 3M

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