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Lassa Fever Cell  (Adobe Stock 68221402 by decade3d)
Lassa Fever: What Is It, and How Do We Fight It?

February 27th 2024

Lassa fever causes 5000 deaths a year. What should health care workers and the public know about this rare disease, and what is done to treat it?

Testing for a complicated urinary tract infection  (Adobe Stock 477609989 by Dancing Man)
FDA Approves Enmetazobactam for Complicated UTIs: A Breakthrough in Antimicrobial Therapy

February 26th 2024

Doctor is holding an infant who is sick with measles.  (Adobe Stock 232421080 by andriano_cz)
More Measles Cases Confirmed in New Orleans, Ohio, Minnesota, and More

February 23rd 2024

Rare Disease Month: An Infection Control Today and ContagionLive Collaboration.
Unveiling Malaria: Parasitic Complexity, Climate Impact, and Vaccination Advancements

February 23rd 2024

Infection Control Today's Product Locator
ICT's Product Locator: January/February 2024

February 22nd 2024

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Cleaning and sanitizing surfaces in hospitals  (Adobe Stock 339297096 by Melinda Nagy)
Do Eco-Conscious Cleaning Products Clean as Well as Their Traditional Counterparts?

January 16th 2024

weekly rounds with infection control today
Weekly Rounds: Infection Intel, Handheld UV-C Technology, and More

October 27th 2023

 Infection Control Today Infection Intel: Staying Ahead With Company Updates and Product Innovations.
Infection Intel: Moderna, CBIC, Helocyte, Pfizer, UVDI, and CloroxPro

October 26th 2023

 Infection prevention diagram     (Adobe Stock 336237340 by j-mel)
Advancing Infection Prevention: The Value of an In-House Journal Watch

October 24th 2023

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