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Destruction of cytomegalovirus  (Adobe Stock 133407379 by Dr_Microbe)
Pooled Saliva Testing for Newborns Enhances Early Detection of Congenital Cytomegalovirus

May 23rd 2024

Hadassah Medical Organization's pooled saliva testing for newborns effectively screens for congenital cytomegalovirus, identifying asymptomatic cases and potentially reducing severe cognitive and auditory problems globally.

Female environmental hygienist cleaning a table in an office  (Adobe Stock 659254451 by Pixel-Shot)
Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Boosting Employee Wellness and Workplace Productivity

May 23rd 2024

Dear Helpdesk: Innoculation your work life with IP wisdom from Infection Control Today.
Dear Helpdesk: Rejoining Acute Care Leadership Refreshed and Ready

May 22nd 2024

After surgery, bloody medical instruments with a scalpel, cotton swab, surgical scissors, and latex gloves covered in blood in a kidney bowl isolated on a black background.  (Adobe Stock 263186236 by Victor Moussa)
Understanding Bioburden: Critical Steps in Ensuring Medical Device Safety

May 22nd 2024

An image of the blood sampling medical device  (Image credit: Study authors/JAMA)
Infection Intel: Revolutionizing Blood Sampling: Innovative Device Offers Pain-Free and Accessible Solution

May 21st 2024

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Antimicrobial resistance  (Adobe Stock, unknown)
Noah Wald-Dickler, MD, FACP, on Antimicrobial Stewardship: Insights From SHEA 2024

April 30th 2024

Cheri Ackert-Burr,  DNP, BAEd, RN, CNOR, CNS, AGTS
Optimizing Drying for Medical Devices: Insights and Strategies From Cheri Ackert-Burr, DNP

April 29th 2024

Anthony Bondon, CRCST, CHL, BSM, AAS, SME, LSSYB, the 2024 president of HSPA and director of sterile processing at WellStar Kennestone Regional Medical Center in Marietta, Georgia
The People’s President of HSPA: An Exclusive Conversation With Anthony Bondon, CRCST, CHL, BSM, AAS, SME, LSSYB

April 25th 2024

Eliza Johnson, CRCST
Advancing Sustainability in Sterile Processing: Exeter Hospital's Innovations

April 24th 2024

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