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The Infection Control Today® sterile processing page provides an inside look into the sterile processing (or central supply) department in the hospital where surgical instruments are cleaned, sterilized, and reprocessed in order to disinfect, remove bioburden, and prep for upcoming procedures. Sterile processing applies to not only the knives, scalpels, scissors, forceps, and clamps used in surgery, but also instruments such as endoscopes and duodenoscopes. ICT® reports on the latest technology but also on the means to disinfect that technology. Also, the trend toward making more disposable surgical equipment. What does that mean for the sterile processing team?

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The Infection Control Today®’s Educator of the Year Award™
Infection Control Today's Educator of the Year Award

September 5th 2023

Infection Control Today® is honored to announce it is reviving the Infection Control Today’s Educator of the Year Award™. For more information, please listen to Linda Spaulding, RN, CIC, the 2003 Winner of the Infection Control Today’s Educator of the Year Award.

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Are You Reinventing the Wheel?

August 8th 2023

Close up petri dish with microbe colony  (AdobeStock 258706925 by luchschenF)
Minimizing Health Risks: Controlling Mold in Health Care Settings

July 24th 2023

Tristel Ult dosing picture.   (Photo courtesy of Parker Laboratories)
Parker’s High-Level Disinfectant Foam Receives FDA de novo Clearance

July 19th 2023

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Surgical Site Infection Surveillance

June 13th 2023

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