Q&A: Nearly All Healthcare Workers Fighting COVID-19 Need N95s

July 14, 2020

Harry Peled, MD: “I think for administrators and infection control people, the attitude has to be there is enough evidence that the wearing of N95s should be official. The claim that we’re going to wait for perfect evidence is just not tenable. We don’t do that for anything else in medicine.”

Healthcare Workers Stricken by COVID Fight for Compensation Benefits

July 13, 2020

Up until now, the workers had to prove convincingly that they became infected on the job. But 16 states are now considering putting the onus on the hospital: Make it prove that the worker didn’t get the disease on the job.

Join or Die: How COVID-19 Forces More Healthcare Consolidation

July 10, 2020

Brent James, MD: “Those practices and those hospitals have no choice. A number of them face going out of business, even with the loans the government's giving today.”