Personal Protective Equipment


Spray-On Personal Protective Equipment in the Works

September 11, 2020

Peter Walter, PhD: “We think of AeroNabs as a molecular form of PPE that could serve as an important stopgap until vaccines provide a more permanent solution to COVID-19.”

Infection Preventionists Need to Monitor PPE Use

August 27, 2020

Sharon Ward-Fore, MS, MT(ASCP), CIC: “Practices drift. You can become complacent and maybe your level of awareness has decreased…. So, infection preventionists need to be really aware of what’s happening in the areas they cover as far as PPE usage is concerned.”

Q&A: ‘We’ve Never Been Here Before’ … Flu on Top of COVID

August 13, 2020

Linda Spaulding, RN, BC, CIC, CHEC, CHOP: “Infection control people really have to monitor closely all respiratory viruses that are out there and be sure that you’re working actively with management to help put in place whatever needs to be put in place.”