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The Infection Control Today® vascular access page offers the latest insights from vascular access teams in the field, and covers the latest updates on the methods to keep central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) and other infections down to a minimum.

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Photo of an unhealthy carotid artery with plaque in it.  (Photo credit: William Shutze, MD, FACS)
Intersection of Infection Prevention and Vascular Health: Insights From William Shutze, MD, FACS

July 3rd 2024

William Shutze, MD, FACS, discusses how infection prevention impacts vascular health, emphasizing key strategies and the role of vascular surgeons in maintaining vascular well-being.

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Product Locator: Theraworx Protect and the AMSCO Prep & Pack Table

March 7th 2024

Corona City: Voices from an Epicenter, Lorraine Ash, Editor  (Original photo "Rush Hour" by Matthijs Noome)
Voices of Resilience: Q&A With the Editor of "Corona City: Voices From an Epicenter"

March 1st 2024

Picture of computer with CDC on the screen.  (Adobe Stock, unknown)
CDC's HICPAC Update: Impact on COVID-19, Pathogen Control, and Immunocompromised Safety in Health Care Settings

November 8th 2023

(Adobe Stock FILE #: 330686926 By Andrii Zastrozhnov)
From Belief to Behavior: An IP's Step-by-step Approach to Changing Belief Systems

July 26th 2023

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