Vascular Access


Year Zero: How COVID-19 Changed Everything

December 23, 2020

Though tough months lie ahead for infection preventionists and other healthcare professionals, hope remains that at some point in 2021 things will begin to settle down. In the end, it comes down to a simple formula: We win, COVID-19 loses.

Q&A: Teaching Vascular Access Nursing on the Run

October 26, 2020

Maya Gossman, RN: “Our infection preventionist has trained me in the past with the PPE use and the infection prevention measures. And so, I’m passing that on—the knowledge that she’s given me—I’m passing that on at this point to my vascular nurse trainees, my orientees.”

Q&A: IPs, Vascular Access Teams Work Together

July 30, 2020

Nancy Moureau: “Our priority is to minimize infections or potentially even to eliminate them. We want complications to be history. In order to achieve those goals, I see the vascular access specialist or the vascular access teams as being in a partnership with the infection preventionist.”

NICUs and PICUs Don’t Benefit From Antiseptic Barrier Caps

January 22, 2020

The mixed-method, prospective, observational before-after study was performed in a large tertiary academic children’s hospital in the Netherlands and included a preintervention period and an intervention period.