Vascular Access


How This Vascular Access Nurse Relies on an Infection Preventionist

September 17, 2020

Although both vascular access and infection prevention have their own focus, our commonality is in ensuring patients get the care they need while minimizing their chances of nosocomial infections.

Q&A: Infection Preventionists, Vascular Access Nurses Line Up

August 10, 2020

Maya Gossman, RN: “I tell people, I put tubes in veins, that’s what I do for a living. Anytime you break the skin and you place a tube into the bloodstream, that’s a huge risk for infection.”

Q&A: IPs, Vascular Access Teams Work Together

July 30, 2020

Nancy Moureau: “Our priority is to minimize infections or potentially even to eliminate them. We want complications to be history. In order to achieve those goals, I see the vascular access specialist or the vascular access teams as being in a partnership with the infection preventionist.”