Environmental Services

Attitude, Perception of Hospital Staff Hinders Cleaning of Pediatric Wards

June 29, 2020

Sometimes the surfaces that are deemed easiest to keep clean in a hospital pediatric ward wind up being the most contaminated after cleaning. Preconceived notions may play a part.

How Many? How Often? How Long? Proper Use of Disinfectant Wipes a Mystery

June 22, 2020

Disinfectant wipes became all the rage when coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) struck but a study in the works says there's a dearth of knowledge about just how they should be used.

Infection Preventionists, Environmental Services Need to Work More Closely Together

June 10, 2020

Sharon Ward-Fore, MS, MT(ASCP), CIC: “It is a collaboration, and I think the most successful environmental services department has an infection preventionist who really enjoys working with EVS.”