3M to Offer Low-Temperature Sterilizer


3M today announced that it will be offering a low-temperature sterilizer to acute-care facilities. As per an exclusive agreement signed with TSO3 on Dec. 16, 2009 and effective Jan. 1, 2010, 3M will distribute TSO3’s new ozone and hydrogen peroxide-based low-temperature sterilization technology under the 3M Optreoz™ brand. 

3M’s partnership with TSO3, a Canada-based manufacturer of low temperature sterilization technology for medical devices in healthcare settings through the use of ozone, will leverage 3M’s global sales channels to bring the new technology to acute-care facilities around the world. This agreement, combined with the new process’s capabilities for rapid cycle time, efficacy in narrow lumen medical devices such as flexible endoscopes, and materials compatibility, represents a significant step in the move to accelerate the product’s adoption in the global marketplace.

“We are pleased to expand upon our infection prevention portfolio by offering this innovative technology to acute care settings for low temperature sterilization,” stated Debra A. Rectenwald, vice president and general manager of the 3M Infection Prevention Division. “This new technology is aligned with our 3M Infection Prevention goals of partnering with hospitals to reduce hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and meeting the needs of our customers and the patients they serve.  The new agreement with TSO3 includes regional commercialization of the products as regulatory clearance or registration is obtained, and we are enthusiastic to be able to offer this unique technology globally.”

While the details of the agreement are not being released, provisions include an exclusive license fee of which a portion is to be paid upfront, with milestone payments to be made linked to regulatory clearances and minimum purchases defined on an annual basis.

“Our enhanced product offering, having three significantly faster and gentler cycles, makes for an excellent alternative to shortcomings found in existing low temperature sterilization products. Our ability to sterilize a wide range of general surgical instruments, rigid channeled devices as well as simple and complex flexible endoscopes makes us unique by offering a single solution to what has historically required two or more sterilization technologies,” said R.M. Rumble, president and CEO of TSO3. “The agreement signed with 3M pairs innovation in technology with innovation in marketing, sales and service on a global scale.  It supports 3M’s existing infection prevention business strategy, while significantly enhancing market penetration of the TSO3 technology. It is an excellent fit for our respective organizations and more importantly our mutual customers.”


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