5 Advantages of automating the manual procedures in your ultrasound probe reprocessing workflow


Automation of probe reprocessing can have multiple benefits for patients, clinicians and facilities, including improvements in efficiency, accuracy, compliance, standardization and safety. When considering process options for high level disinfection of ultrasound probes, automated systems can be an efficient and cost-effective way to prevent patients from the risk of infection. It’s time to work smarter, safer, happier, more efficiently, and accurately… not harder.

A common mantra when examining the benefits of process automation in the workplace is “work smarter, not harder. Consider the differences between riding a bike and a high-speed rail. Both modes of transportation might get a rider from point A to point B, but one method is more efficient (requiring less manual work), arguably safer for the rider, has a smaller likelihood for wrong turns or mistakes, allows for multi-tasking, and features a seat that fits just about every individual regardless of their age, size, fitness level, skills or experience.

The automation of previously manual processes is nothing new, but rather a key element in innovation and process improvement that impacts almost every industry. In fact, a McKinsey study estimates that in 60% of occupations, at least one-third of constituent activities could be automated.1

The implications of automated technologies to the healthcare industry can offer substantial benefit to healthcare providers and the patients they serve. Specifically, automation of ultrasound probe high-level disinfection can improve efficiency and productivity, help enhance accuracy and efficacy, improve compliance with guidelines and standards, optimize scalability and standardization, and can ultimately impact both patient outcomes and clinician safety.

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