A New Era Demands Immediate Action: Reduce the Escalating Spread of Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens


It is only logical that we must add enhanced environmental pathogen-elimination practices to our infection prevention strategic bundles. To address this new era of fewer and fewer effective treatments for infection, we must take the next logical effort to prevent infections associated with the spreading contamination. We must continuously be eliminating pathogen contamination on the surfaces around our patients and those carried throughout our facilities. All healthcare staff must develop the habit: “Take a wipe and swipe. It only takes seconds to saves lives!”

 This Whitepaper, sponsored by Micro-Scientific, will discuss:

  • Escalation of antibiotic resistance

  • New and emerging pathogens

  • CDC expanded strategies

  • New strategies for combating pathogens

Sponsored by:

Micro-Scientific, LLC a division of Weiman Products, LLC, is a leading supplier of intermediate, surface and high level disinfectants. It manufactures both Opti-Cide3®, a fast, broad spectrum disinfectant, sanitizer and cleaner, and Opti-Cide® MAX, our newest surface disinfectant cleaner with even faster kill times.  Micro-Scientific® is also the foremost U.S. supplier of private label detergents and care products for surgical instrument decontamination and preservation.


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