AAMI Offers Quick-Reference Posters for ST79

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The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) has developed colorful, eye-catching and informative quick-reference posters for AAMI’s best-selling standard, ST79. These nine high-quality, laminated 18-inch by 24-inch posters cover the following essential sterilization topics:

Set 1
• Immediate-Use Steam Sterilization
• Loading the Sterilizer
• Sterilization Cycle Monitoring
• Sterilization Process Failures
• Checklist to Identify Reasons for Steam Sterilization Process Failures

Set 2
• Simultaneous Double-Wrapping: Envelope Fold
• Simultaneous Double-Wrapping: Square Fold
• Sequential Wrapping: Envelope Fold
• Sequential Wrapping: Square Fold


The order codes are: POSTER-S (set 1) or POSTER–S2 (set 2). The list price is $89 or $59 for AAMI members. Order all nine posters (order code POSTER-S-KIT) for a list price of $150 or $90 for AAMI members. 

Click HERE to preview the posters.

Source: AAMI