ALOKA's Surgical Ultrasound Probes Compatible With All STERRAD Sterilization Systems

ALOKA Ultrasound, a leader in the intraoperative ultrasound market, announces its endorsement of STERRAD NX and 100NX Systems from Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) as compatible sterilization methods for all ALOKA intraoperative transducers. The endorsement follows completion of rigorous sterilization validation and device functionality studies performed by ASP in accordance with recognized ANSI/AAMI/ISO standards and guidelines, as well as pertinent FDA requirements.

"ALOKA is proud to be the first and only ultrasound company with its intraoperative transducers listed on ASPs STERRAD Sterility Guide (SSG) as compatible with all STERRAD Systems," says David Famiglietti, chief operating officer for ALOKA America, Ltd. "This means that healthcare facilities no longer need to differentiate between the various STERRAD systems for use with our products. With more than 60 years in the healthcare industry, ALOKA understands that when it comes to using ultrasound, doctors and their patients demand nothing but the best."