American Green Technology Signs Agreement with Trinity Medical Management

American Green Technology® (AGT) announces that it has reached an agreement with Trinity Medical Management to market and distribute AGT’s Health Risk Management System (HRMS) to the energy sector. A global operation, Trinity Medical Management has employees in North and South America and several international locations as they expand both domestically and off-shore. Trinity Medical Services provides highly trained and certified on-site trauma response paramedics to remote drilling companies on off-shore drilling rigs and remote locations where traditional medical services aren’t available.

“Every day people risk their lives working in some of the harshest conditions around the world,” says Dr. Bruce Wilkerson, founder and CEO of Trinity Medical Management. “It’s important that we provide the best options in healthcare available to keep them safe while they are working in remote locations like oil rigs 100 miles off the coast, or in Africa where Ebola is a concern. The HRMS can provide a protective layer to keep workers safe and healthy.”

According to AGT CEO Danny Bogar, there are numerous benefits to the patented system, “Not only does the HRMS contribute to a healthier environment for people living and working in these types of locations, but it’s a smart business decision for marking measurable reduction in overall lost man-hours and operations down-time. If one person gets sick in a close quarters environment, it won’t take long before everyone is sick and the operation is shut down.”

The HRMS is clinically proven to disinfect the air to 99.7 percent and reduces the concentration of surface contaminants, by working unobtrusively, 24/7.

Source: American Green Technology