American Technologies Selects Spectra254 to Augment Decontamination Services


Spectra254, developer of high-power, easy-to-use, affordable UV-C light decontamination systems, announces that American Technologies, Inc., an environmental remediation and reconstructive services contractor, has chosen its Spectra 1000 Series to enhance the services it offers to customers. The company’s choice of Spectra254’s decontamination systems enables American Technologies, Inc., to provide a higher level of disinfection services to its residential, commercial and industrial customers.

American Technologies, Inc. will use the Spectra 1000 Series of decontamination units for clients who require an advanced level of microbiologic decontamination and to provide customers with disinfection systems in disaster cleanup situations, such as sanitization for sewage loss locations and mold remediation.

"Roughly 25 percent of the sites we service require virus decontamination, which is significant. We’re choosing Spectra254’s decontamination systems for a simple reason: Spectra254’s products have been independently and credibly tested and show 99.9 percent efficacy,” says Jeff Huddleston, senior vice president of healthcare and environmental services at American Technologies, Inc. “UVC light decontamination is highly effective at killing mold and infectious diseases and we want to be able to offer this high degree of decontamination to our customers.”

American Technologies, Inc., operates 16 locations across the country and employs more than 700 full-time employees. With a sizable customer base and substantial number of employees that can grow up to 4,000 people that can mobilize quickly in the event of a disaster, the company sought an additional means of eliminating pathogens in its environmental and health science services divisions.

“We’re proud that American Technologies selected our solution as its ultraviolet light system of choice,” says Sanford Green, president of Spectra254. “The work that American Technologies does in helping people to recover and rebuild after a disaster is important, and we are happy to be a part of it.”

Source: Spectra254

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