AmeriPride's Clean Green Certification Elevates Textile Services Competitiveness


AmeriPride Services has been certified Clean Green by TRSA, the leading textile services industry association. The addition of this coast-to-coast operation to the Clean Green roster accelerates “green” competition in the industry to an unprecedented level, as AmeriPride is the largest chain to receive the certification since its 2012 inception.

Healthcare facilities seeking linen and uniform supply and other laundered products now can find a Clean Green laundry in 33 states plus Puerto Rico. Nine of these have only one certified facility: an AmeriPride laundry. The same can be said for seven Canadian provinces, home of AmeriPride’s Canadian Linen brand.

For the most part, the 130 Clean Green certified facilities (owned by 41 different companies) are located in the more populous states and provinces. Also, many of these laundries are near borders; their service areas extend for hundreds of miles into neighboring jurisdictions. “Most workplaces across the continent can be served by at least one nearby linen supplier or industrial launderer certified for its efficiencies and conservation practices through Clean Green,” explains TRSA president and CEO Joseph Ricci. “AmeriPride’s certification has significantly increased this availability.”

Clean Green improves the environment by prompting textile services to conserve water and energy and adopt the industry’s best practices for reusing, reclaiming and recycling resources. This reduces the carbon footprint of hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers, clinics, labs, urgent care and other outpatient facilities that use these laundries. Healthcare customers also receive exceptional value as Clean Green laundries wash, dry, finish and deliver sheets, towels, washcloths, scrubs, patient and isolation gowns, lab coats and other textile products with maximum efficiency.

“AmeriPride recognizes that Clean Green enhances their competitiveness through increased credibility,” Ricci adds. “Certified companies’ green business practices are quantified and verified. They adhere to complex inspection and audit criteria enforced by a highly reputed third party.” Clean Green encompasses a standard developed by ASTM International, which involves top technical experts, scientists and environmental professionals worldwide in delivering standards unparalleled in building consumer confidence in product and service quality.

TRSA expects hundreds more U.S. and Canadian laundries to follow AmeriPride’s lead. Across the economy, businesses are demanding more evidence that long-term commitments to outsourcing providers will pay off. “‘Green’ no longer means just ‘environmentally friendly,’” Ricci says. “Buyers are looking for sustainability, that their suppliers can maintain efficiencies to perpetually offer high value.”

Source: TRSA, AmeriPride

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