Amsonic AG Reacquires HAMO Brand from STERIS

Amsonic AG, an international manufacturer of precision cleaning systems and owned by the Moser family of Switzerland, has reacquired the brand HAMO from STERIS Corp. This acquisition includes the brand, all international trademarks, intellectual property and all assets related to the pharmaceutical and life science markets.

Hamo, a high-tech washer and cleaning manufacturer, is again under the original ownership and management of Hans Moser. This change will again allow the Hamo brand to become a technology leader in the pharmaceutical cleaning industry.

HAMO began manufacturing and selling dishwashers to the European market in 1957. This led to the development of the company's first laboratory glassware washer in the early 1960s. In 1990 Hamo introduced the worlds first microprocessor controlled washer with the capability of communicating via RS232 with data acquisition equipment. Throughout the 1990s continued improvement in washing protocols were developed and Hamo became a leading provider of washers to the pharmaceutical industry. Hamo was subsequently sold to STERIS in 2003 to expand the brand worldwide.  This transfer of ownership lasted until 2011, when Hamo was purchased back by the founding Moser family.  

HAMO's washers clean pharmaceutical manufacturing parts, surgical implants and specialized items for research and development, bio-containment and various types of manufacturing.