AORN Holds Contest to Spot Environmental Cleaning Mistakes

On its Facebook page, the Association of periOperative Nurses (AORN) has started a new monthly contest called "What's wrong with this picture?" This contest has the same premise as posters you may have seen at Congress and other AORN events. AORN provides an illustration based in an operating room setting that has mistakes that conflict with AORN's Standards and Recommended Practices. Guessing what is wrong provides both a fun and educational experience as well as a great prize.

The illustration has five problems relating to the environmental cleaning RP. By getting the most answers correct, you will be entered into the drawing to win a RP Book, Study Guide and RP CD -- a package valued at $460.

The individuals who get the most of the five problems correct will be entered into a drawing in which one person will be randomly chosen to win the grand prize.

The deadline to submit your answers is Monday, Sept. 19 by 11:59 p.m. MT. The winner will be announced on Sept. 21 in the Periop Insider e-mail and on Facebook. The solution to the problem will also be shown that day on Facebook.