AORN Issues Implementation Guide for Prevention of Retained Surgical Items

The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) has published an Implementation Guide for the "Recommended practices for prevention of retained surgical items (RSIs)." The guide, in the February 2012 issue of AORN Journal, is the third in a series of Journal articles that are designed to bridge the gap between standards and their implementation. The Implementation Guide for the Recommended Practices for Prevention of RSIs includes real life scenarios for ambulatory and hospital patients as they may be experienced by the perioperative nurse.

Each article in the Journal implementation series features an RP summary that can serve as a reference, a visual aid, a means to resolve disputes, and materials to help prepare for the CNOR exam. The RP Implementation Guide focuses on a single recommended practice document, describing significant changes, areas of risk or concern, elements of compliance with accreditation and regulatory requirements, and strategies for successful implementation.

Strategies for implementing the recommended practices for prevention of RSI include teamwork and the perioperative RN taking on an active role by providing an accurate accounting of items that are dispensed before and during a surgical or invasive procedure, using appropriate detection technologies, and advocating for patients through collaboration with risk managers and other professional colleagues.

The AORN Journal is peer reviewed and provides registered nurses in the operating room and related services with information based on scientific evidence and principle. Articles cover the nurses roles before, during, and after surgery and include patient teaching and preparation, use and care of surgical instruments and supplies, asepsis, sterilization, anesthesia and related topics.