Applied Silver, Inc. Launches SilvaClean at APIC


Applied Silver, Inc., a pioneer in commercial applications of silver, is launching SilvaClean®, a state-of-the-art silver treatment for textiles, at the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) 42nd Annual Conference taking place at the Music City Center in Nashville, from June 27 through June 29.
Hospitals have invested significantly in reducing the potential of infection through products and processes designed to minimize risk from reusable devices, hands, water, air and hard surfaces. Until now, soft surfaces have been largely absent from standard hospital infection prevention programs.  Studies show that reducing the level of bacterial contamination on textiles, especially those in direct contact with the patient and healthcare worker should be considered.
SilvaClean® is a water-based ionic silver treatment that provides protection to laundered healthcare textiles. SilvaClean® works on a wide range of fabric items by imparting lasting antimicrobial properties to the items each time they are laundered, protecting them in transport, storage and use. These items include, but are not limited to, patient bedding, gowns, bath towels, healthcare worker scrubs and privacy curtains.
“SilvaClean® continually reduces the level of microbial contamination on textiles” says Karen Moore, vice president of commercial development for Applied Silver. “This solution is capable of reducing 99.9 percent of odor- and stain-causing bacteria which provides a better patient and healthcare environment.”
The patented process is installed at the laundry provider. The use of SilvaClean® requires no additional training or change in linen inventory at the hospital level. To ensure quality control, Applied Silver offers the SilvaSure™ field test kit to confirm the presence of silver on treated linens.
“SilvaClean® transforms the hospital’s existing textile inventory into antimicrobial textiles by seamlessly integrating into the laundering process,” Moore says. “The treatment is both effective and safe, and ultimately establishes a new standard of care by addressing a source of risk in hospitals.”
Approved by and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency on both federal and state levels, SilvaClean® is safe for use in the intimate patient environment and presents no known environmental danger.
All 2015 APIC Annual Conference attendees are invited to visit booth #442 to learn more about SilvaClean® and opportunities to experience the product first-hand.  

Source: Applied Silver, Inc.

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