AsepticSure is Proposed for Saudi Arabia to Help Eliminate MERS

Medizone International, Inc., manufacturers of the AsepticSure® Hospital Disinfection System, announce the recent sale and delivery of the initial two AsepticSure systems to Al-Hidaya International Medical Services Company headquartered in Jeddah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Hidaya is under the leadership of Sheikh Saleh Salem M. Bahwini, who has committed to helping rid the Kingdom of the MERS-coronavirus. Al-Hidaya has sponsored a trip to the Kingdom for Medizone's president and director of medical affairs, Michael E. Shannon MA, M.Sc., MD.  Shannon and his support team arrived in Jeddah the end of last week after being invited to the Kingdom by the Minister of Health's Office.

With the support of Shannon, Al-Hidaya is working with the regulatory agencies to satisfy any remaining requirements to bring AsepticSure into the Kingdom and allow the company to assist in reducing the incidence of MERS-coronavirus in Saudi hospitals with the use of AsepticSure. Shannon and his team will remain in Saudi Arabia until Sept. 14.

Prior to this trip, Al-Hidaya International Medical Services Company had applied for exclusive distribution rights for AsepticSure in the Kingdom. Medizone had responded with a letter of intent to grant such rights, subject to the completion of a formal contractual agreement. Given Al-Hidaya's demonstrated commitment and effort to date, Medizone believes the final contract details will be agreed to following current activities.

Source: Medizone International, Inc.