ASHRAE IAQ Conference to Focus on Creating Infection-Free Environments

The 2003 SARS episode, the H1N1 pandemic and avian flu have transformed the built environment landscape, raising not only significant public health concerns but also economic implications on a global scale. Recognizing the challenge of controlling the spread of infection, ASHRAE will focus on this imperative as it holds its IAQ 2010 Conference series in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Nov. 10-12, 2010.

The focus of ASHRAEs IAQ 2010 Conference is airborne infection control. The conference explores related questions on the role of HVAC in airborne infectious disease transmission, evaluation of the various design and control strategies and technology, pandemic preparedness and airborne infection control for various applications such as healthcare facilities, air and surface transportation, schools, offices, etc.

Besides addressing thermal comfort and IAQ issues, buildings and other enclosed environments are increasingly faced with the challenge of providing a healthy environment. Airborne infection and its control in the built environment pose considerable challenges to mankind that rival the need to also address climate change and environmental sustainability.

This will have tremendous impact in the design, operation and maintenance of buildings and other enclosed environments. IAQ 2010 reviews the state of knowledge about airborne infection in such environments and helps define future directions.

One technical paper of interest is "Indoor Air Quality, Airborne Infection Control and Ventilation Efficiency in Hospital Operating Rooms." The HVAC airside system plays an important role in maintaining adequate hygiene levels in an operating theatre; this session introduces suitable design of such a system.

The workshop "Are Ventilation Systems Enough to Prevent the Dispersion of Airborne Infectious Diseases in Hospitals?" focuses on space designs and additional disinfection applications that can increase the performance of ventilation systems in hospitals.

IAQ 2010 is the 16th in the ASHRAE IAQ Conference series that started in 1986 and the first to be held outside the United States. For more information, or to register, visit