ASP Launches Enhanced Connectivity Feature for STERRAD Systems

Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) announces the launch of the new Digital Transfer Interface (DTI) for the ASP STERRAD® NX® and 100NX® Systems.  DTI technology will help improve efficiency and productivity in healthcare facilities by delivering seamless integration between STERRAD® Systems and a hospital's IT network. Automatically transferring data to be stored on a hospital's server, DTI technology helps keep information in one centralized location.

In addition, DTI technology  can connect the STERRAD® NX® and 100NX® Systems to key instrument tracking software (ITS), helping improve communication between the operating room and central sterile processing department by clearly identifying the location and reprocessing status of devices. As a result of improved documentation and tracking with DTI, the interactions between these busy departments can be less focused on handling operational inefficiencies and more on providing improved patient care. 

ASP is constantly looking for improvements to help better serve our customers, and ultimately the patient.  "Being able to connect a sterilizer to an instrument tracking system is invaluable because it improves the data management process and makes the job for healthcare workers easier," says Nancy Chobin, RN, AAS, ACSP, CSPDM.  "It provides peace of mind that an electronic backup record is available to document that an instrument has been properly reprocessed and is ready for patient use."

DTI technology for STERRAD® Systems is the latest innovative feature added to the expandable platforms of the STERRAD® NX® and STERRAD® 100NX® Systems designed to continually meet the important sterilization needs of healthcare facilities today and in the future. DTI is currently compatible with instrument tracking systems from Censis Technologies. Contact an ASP representative to learn about which instrument tracking software platforms are supported.