ASPs OR Solution Premieres at the 57th Annual AORN Congress


Raising the standards of care in the operating room by transitioning from “just-in-time” to terminal sterilization can now be achieved conveniently and effectively with the new Operating Room (OR) Solution from Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP). Now, healthcare professionals have a streamlined process for safely achieving terminal sterilization to meet busy OR needs. The ASP OR Solution will be launched today at the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses’ (AORN) 57th Congress in Denver with information and demonstrations at the ASP exhibit Booth 1520.

 ASP’s OR Solution is an intelligent integration of technologies, processes and education designed to optimize sterilization within an operating room setting. The unique ASP OR Solution combines the STERRAD® NX™ Sterilization System with innovative packaging solutions, such as APTIMAX® Instrument Trays, closed containers and pouches, and is endorsed by leading medical device manufacturers (MDMs). The ASP OR Solution delivers everything needed for convenient and safe terminal sterilization, enabling OR teams to keep their operating rooms moving without delays.

 “When you talk about best practices in an operating room, it’s important to think about your sterilization process. At the end of terminal sterilization, you have a package of sterile surgical instruments that can be used right away or stored on a shelf until needed in the future – unlike with just-in-time sterilization,” said clinical expert Cynthia Spry, RN, MA, MS, CNOR. “Terminal sterilization, a key component of ASP’s OR Solution, is considered the gold standard and I can think of no reason why one shouldn’t transition to it – now is the perfect time.”

At the core of ASP’s OR Solution is the compact STERRAD® NXTM Sterilization System. The STERRAD® NXTM System provides fast, low-temperature terminal sterilization of surgical instruments. The entire suite of STERRAD® Systems is founded on the principle of terminal sterilization and has a solid performance and safety record with more than 14,000 systems installed worldwide. In addition, STERRAD® Systems are environmentally friendly as they do not require aeration or ventilation – the only byproducts of use are oxygen and water vapor.

 Other features of the OR Solution include:

 -- ASP’s clinical education team of registered OR nurses who can assist healthcare providers with identifying and implementing the best infection prevention solution for their OR by offering the training and education needed to transition.

-- ASP’s STERRAD® Sterility Guide at , which provides STERRAD® System customers with an easy-to-use online database of devices that fall within cleared sterility claims.

-- Transition support from ASP’s highly skilled team of field service engineers, dedicated technical support staff and account executives.

-- Innovative packaging solutions, such as APTIMAX® Instrument Trays, self-sealing pouches and closed containers.

“ASP’s OR Solution is the next step in advanced infection prevention solutions and is designed around the needs of a dynamic operating room environment,” said Chuck Austin, ASP worldwide president. “ASP is committed to providing the highest level of patient care through effective sterilization and instrument reprocessing technologies that meet the demands of the OR team.”

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