Augustine Medical, Inc. Has Reorganized

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Augustine Medical, Inc., a privately-held medical device company that develops products to provide innovative, practical solutions to common medical problems, announced a corporate reorganization.

The parent company of the new organization is Arizant Inc. The new name reflects the imaginative, forward-thinking nature of the company and embodies the company's tagline "bright ideas ... that work," which Augustine Medical has long used.

The company's temperature management products will be sold through Arizant Healthcare Inc. Augustine Medical, Inc. will market wound care products. The new structure will allow each of these distinct product lines to function as independent entities, as wholly owned subsidiaries of Arizant Inc.

Additionally, this change in structure coincides with introduction of a new product from Arizant Healthcare Inc.: the Bair Paws patient adjustable warming system, which takes the company back to its roots in comforting patients.

The company's corporate predecessor, Augustine Medical, Inc., pioneered the concept of perioperative temperature management using forced-air warming with its Total Temperature Management system, which includes Bair Hugger therapy and the Ranger blood/fluid warming system. These products and the Bair Paws system are now sold by Arizant Healthcare Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary. Arizant's Augustine Medical, Inc. subsidiary markets Warm-Up wound therapy, the only non-contact thermal wound care system available today.

Source: Augustine Medical, Inc.