Avian Influenza Resource Web Site Posted

University of Maryland avian influenza virus researcher Daniel Perez has posted a comprehensive Web site that offers information about the influenza A virus and describes his Avian Influenza Virus Program - http://www.agnr.umd.edu/avianflu/

Perez, assistant professor of virology, University of Maryland, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, is studying how the virus jumps from birds to other species, including humans. He has developed a plasmid-based reverse genetics system for influenza A viruses that allows manipulation of the viral genome. He is currently using his system to map specific amino acid residues involved in interspecies transmission of H9, H2 and H7 influenza viruses, which are believed, along with H5 influenza viruses, to have the greatest potential to become pandemic viruses.

Source: University of Maryland, College Park