Bausch + Lomb Introduces Cleaning Product for Touch Screens

Bausch + Lomb introduces a new, two-step cleaning and antibacterial system called Bausch + Lomb Clens which is available in pre-moistened wipes and spray, eliminates germs and smudges and includes a microfiber cloth to gently buff and shine surfaces. The Clens cleaning system is available for under $20.


"We anticipate that touch screen gadgets will again dominate the gift-giving season and with that comes the reality that we are constantly transferring dirt and germs to and from the screens we touch throughout the day," says John Stewart, regional business director for vision accessories at Bausch + Lomb. "Bausch + Lomb Clens cleaning system creates a clean and healthy surface. The two-step system won't harm, scratch or discolor screens, making it ideal for phones, monitors and other hand-held devices."


Bausch + Lomb first tested Clens by simulating everyday use. Researchers handled mobile devices a minimum of 10 times in typical situations, such as during lunch and after using a computer. The devices were also deliberately exposed to 13 varieties of bacteria, yeast and mold. The surfaces treated with the Clens cleaning system yielded at least a 90 percent reduction in surface germs. Clens safely removed hand oils, food, dust and other residue without dulling, discoloring or scratching delicate surfaces, even after the product was applied 300 times.