Bio-Intervention Specialists and HSS Inc. to Deliver Disinfection Protocol to Hospitals


Bio-Intervention Specialists (Bio-IS) and HSS Inc. (HSS) announce that their companies have signed a five-year partnership to deliver the Bio-Intervention Disinfection Service to hospitals across the United States.


Bio-IS has launched the newly EPA-registered Electro-BioCide disinfectant and its Bio-Intervention protocol into the U.S. healthcare market. HSS is one of the nations leading healthcare outsourcing companies, having been ranked by Modern Healthcare as the sixth largest in the industry. Together, HSS and Bio-IS will provide hospitals the Bio-Intervention Disinfection Service, a 21st century solution to the challenge of hard-surface disinfection.


Today, most hospitals follow the same approach to hard surface disinfection as they have for the past 35 years; a housekeeper, using a spray bottle and rag.  Through the power of Mother Nature and mutation, this legacy approach is no longer effective against the superbugs of the 21st century.


Utilizing the newly EPA-registered Electro-BioCide disinfectant, the companies have certified Bio-Intervention Technicians that use portable electrostatic sprayers to comprehensively disinfect the hard surfaces of hospitals and healthcare facilities using a specific, step-by-step, protocol.  This combination of skilled specialists and innovative technology solves the current weak links of hard surface infection control.


We are very excited about this partnership because of the outstanding reputation of HSS and their 90 percent-plus customer retention rates," says Tom Boyer, president and CEO of Bio-IS. "Their commitment to quality is second to none and we are honored to have them as our partner.  Both companies are truly committed to saving lives and reducing costs through the Bio-Intervention Disinfection Service.


Reducing hospital-acquired infections will save lives and reduce costs, says Wayne Schell, CEO of HSS. We are pleased to partner with Bio-IS to deliver a solution that will help healthcare providers combat these deadly and costly infections.


This service is currently available in 35 states. The companies expect complete national coverage in early 2011. Teams are available for either emergent or continuous on-site deployment. For more information, call (800) 699-4230.



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