Bio-Tile Provides Fast, Cost-Effective Way to Attain a Sanitary Environment

Bio-Tile™ is a revolutionary new product for a top-down approach to sanitizing ceiling tiles. Designed and developed by Industrial Skins CEO Shawn Engberg, Bio-Tile is a multiple layer, recyclable ceiling tile that adheres to existing or new ceiling tiles, allowing healthcare professionals to simply peel away one of the five layers when the ceiling surface needs to be cleaned. Bio-Tile eliminates the need for labor-intensive cleaning with hazardous chemicals and landfill waste that inevitably results when the ceiling tiles are too worn and discarded.

“Hospitals and healthcare facilities work hard to reduce bacteria and keep the environment clean and safe for their patients,” says Engberg. “However, with the proliferation of new superbugs and antibiotic-resistant illnesses, it’s becoming more difficult, yet more critical to maintain a ‘clean’ environment. The conventional method of cleaning ceiling tiles is labor intensive, requiring an individual to climb up and down a ladder to remove each tile, scrub it and replace it.

“In contrast, Bio-Tile is not only cost-effective, but requires a fraction of the time,” he adds. “Some people have told me it reminds them of the windshields used on NASCAR race cars. The crew simply peels off the used layer and they’re done. Compared to traditional cleaning methods and professional cleaning services, the cost savings is nearly 50 percent less than a maintenance employee, and 75 percent less than professional cleaning service.”

Another benefit, says Engberg, is improved lighting efficiency, which is also important in most medical facilities. By design, Bio-Tile features a higher reflectivity rate - nearly 15 percent more when comparing the use of Bio-Tile with conventional cleaning methods - for a significant improvement in lighting.

On average, each of Bio-Tile’s five individual layers typically lasts 12 to 15 months, depending upon how often dirt and grime build up, and will provide clean and efficient ceiling maintenance for approximately five years.

“This is clearly an effective method of reducing patient exposure to all types of germs and pathogens,” Engberg says, noting that the use of Bio-Tile in an existing or new construction environment allows for health code and ISO 13644 compliance. “In the fast-paced business environment, there are few innovations that provide an immediate return on investment, while eliminating hazardous chemicals and landfill waste along with minimizing your carbon footprint. Bio-Tile does all that and more.”

Source: Industrial Skins, LLC