Bioquell Bug Stoppers Raise Awareness in the Fight Against HAIs

In the United States, healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and their cost to the healthcare system are staggering. The Centers for Diseae Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that approximately 1 in every 20 hospitalized patients will contract an HAI. Cost estimates range upward of $40 billion dollars annually in the fight against HAIs. Recently released CDC statistics show infection rates and deaths from HAIs climbing.  Deaths attributed with Clostridium difficile infection rates alone have jumped to a range of 14,000 per year. To help in the fight against HAIs, Bioquell has launched its educational Bug Stoppers campaign.

The Bioquell Bug Stoppers campaign delivers a novel yet fun approach to educating healthcare professionals and ancillary workers on the 'super bugs' that cause HAIs. Depicting HAIs as bug criminals conducting crimes against patients, the campaign delivers easy to understand facts through a set of fun educational tools.  In addition to advocating standard measures for arresting the spread of bug crimes, the campaign provides information on Bioquell's Rapid Response Bug Stopper Squad for helping hospitals develop risk-based strategies to eliminate HAIs from their environment.

"We work with numerous healthcare professionals around the world who are passionate about infection control and increasing awareness of the risk of HAIs," says James Salkeld, head of Bioquell Healthcare. "Our Bug Stoppers campaign provides these professionals with educational tools that healthcare professionals can provide to their colleagues to build a greater appreciation of the risks of HAIs and improve practices that aid in its prevention."

For more information on the Bug Stoppers campaign, contact Bioquell through the Bug Stoppers website at