Byrne Medical Announces Bronchoscope and Small-Channel GI Endoscope Lumen Pre-Cleaning Device

Byrne Medical, part of the Minntech Corporation Business Group, announces the official launch of the Mini PULL THRU small channel cleaning device for GI endoscopy and pulmonary labs. The Mini PULL THRU's three wiper elements design provides a complete circumferential seal in the lumen tube, thereby removing residue from the internal channels in one simple operation. The effect of this multiple wiper seal is to completely wipe the lumen clean, thus providing a smooth, non-abrasive, non-damaging and time saving method to pre-clean bronchoscopes in the most effective way.

The PULL THRU device product line consists of the PULL THRU and the PULL THRU Combo for endoscope channel sizes 2.8mm - 5.0mm ID and the Mini PULL THRU for bronchoscope and GI endoscopes with channel sizes 1.4 - 2.6mm ID.