Cantel Medical Announces Novel Sterilization Process Receives ISO Registration

Cantel Medical Corp. announces that the REVOX® Sterilization Solutions business is now registered to the EN ISO 13485:2003 quality standards.  The room temperature, Peracetic Acid/Hydrogen Peroxide (PAA) vacuum vapor process enables effective sterilization of heat and/or chemical sensitive medical, drug delivery, diagnostic, and implantable devices that may not be well-suited to other sterilization processes. 

Collaboratively developed and marketed by Cantel subsidiaries Medivators and Mar Cor Purification, REVOX Sterilization Solutions offers the first commercially available room temperature vapor sterilization process. With full contract validation and sterilization services as well as on-site processing potential with multiple chamber configurations, REVOX Sterilization Solutions is positioned to foster increased innovation and production efficiencies for manufacturers of advanced devices. 

Jorgen Hansen, COO of Cantel Medical says, "We have seen REVOX Sterilization Solutions solve customer issues that have impeded critical product launch plans.  With increasing sophistication of medical, diagnostic, drug delivery, and implantable devices, it's a timely solution for these manufacturers.  This ISO registration reflects our attention to quality within all of our business segments and underscores our new product and market expansion capabilities within and between our business groups."  

Source: Cantel Medical Corp.