Cardinal Health Introduces SecureSeal Octyl Topical Skin Adhesive

Cardinal Health announces the availability of its SecureSeal Octyl Topical Skin Adhesive. SecureSeal Octyl Topical Skin Adhesive is the newest addition to the Cardinal Health topical skin adhesive portfolio. With this addition, Cardinal Health customers now have the choice of either octyl or butyl topical skin adhesives. The company also offers LiquiBand® Butyl Topical Skin Adhesive from Advanced Medical Solutions.

"We understand that our customers appreciate the unique characteristics of both octyl and butyl topical skin adhesives," says Lisa Ashby, president of category management at Cardinal Health, "so its important that we have a complete offering that can meet our customers needs."

SecureSeal Topical Skin Adhesive provides clinically effective wound closure with optimum viscosity that results in the right balance of effectiveness and efficiency every time.  It is intended for use in conjunction with deep dermal stitches and provides a microbial barrier to a wound that protects and seals out bacteria that may cause infection.

SecureSeal Topical Skin Adhesive features a patented, glass-free applicator designed to help reduce the risk of sharps injury. The applicator requires no assembly and has an easily depressible bottom to activate the product.

SecureSeal Topical Skin Adhesive is appropriate for use across clinical settings, including the operating room, emergency room, cath labs, surgery centers, urgent care centers and in physicians offices. Clinical indications for SecureSeal Topical Skin Adhesive include wounds that are less than six hours old, clean and straight wounds, deep wounds where a suitable layer of deep-layer sutures have been applied, flap wounds and facial wounds.